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Rose Light Tree Gift Tree

Rose Light Tree Gift Tree

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Emitting Color

 The Fairytale Behind The Tree

Remind the women in your life of their strength and fortitude with this Delightful Rose Tree. Representing untamed Irish beauty from the time of the ancient Druids to the poetry of Yeats, the rose has a storied history in Ireland.

The Delightful Rose Tree is a celebration of the self-reliance and beauty of Irish women's past, present, and future. Much like these unwavering women, the rose is both prickly yet divine.


While giving the illusion of fragility, it holds its own and protects its bloom with subtle thorns hidden among the leaves. This Divine Rose casts a soft light, and though it is thorn free, its deep meaning remains.

Our yellow Rose Tree symbolizes friendship and welcomes its owner home. Our Rose Tree in pink reflects happiness and grace. The white Divine Rose Tree represents purity and unity. 

The Perfect Home Centerpiece
  • Put them anywhere and everywhere. These magical roses provide a stunning attraction to any space and will make an impact on any guest that enters the room.

Beautiful Illuminating Handmade Petals
  • The soft lights from the Delightful Rose Tree are subtle and made to cast a romantic and relaxing ambiance around your space. It makes the perfect light at night.

A Gift That Communicates
  • Flowers are given as gifts to connect and communicate emotions. The rose for centuries has represented the symbol of love and passion. Unlike typical roses that die and whither over time, the roses on the Delightful Rose Tree are made to last.
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