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ZipIt Vacuum Quick Sealer

ZipIt Vacuum Quick Sealer

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Did you know that oxygen in the air is the main element that causes the loss of nutritional values, texture and taste of food? Food deteriorates due to chemical reactions that occur when in contact with air, temperature and humidity. ZIPP! vacuum sealers extracts up to 90% of the air from the bag, which will prevent the formation of most microorganisms and thus conserve food for longer..

Our ZipIt Vacuum Sealer has a 125W motor and 55 kPa suction power, so you can empty and seal food quickly, efficiently and safely. You will be able to preserve food from oxidation and it will help you to keep it fresh in optimal conditions of conservation.


  • KEEP FOOD FRESH AND LOCK FLAVOR: Reduce waste; preserves nutrients, flavor, and longevity of your food with easy use of vacuum system. This vacuum sealer machine will not only help you save food but also helps you save time and money. Removes most of the oxygen and helps in reducing the speed of oxidation, growth of microorganisms and mold which causes bacteria. Best buy choice for a smooth and organized kitchen.
  • QUICK SEAL & CONTINUOUS WORKING. The vacuum food sealer with improved program provides quick sealing in 6 to 11 seconds (6-9 seconds for dry mode & 8-11 seconds for moist mode). This food packing machine is good for continuous working without taking break between each round of VAC SEAL.
  • BUILT-IN CUTTER, LED INDICATOR & VACUUM PRESSURE: Designed uniquely with a built-in cutter for creating customized vacuum bags. Advanced control panel with LED indicator light provides convenience to identify the actual working status. The vacuum sealer machine installed with high quality suction pump provides up to 60kpa suction force.
  • DRY / MOIST MODE: The moist/dry mode setting helps in optimized sealing of different foods..
  • INSTANT SEAL FUNCTION: The instant sealing system in our food sealing machine prevents delicate foods from crushing.
  • PERFECT SEALING WIDTH FOR SOUS VIDE: Our automatic food sealer with 3mm sealing width supports perfectly for sous vide cooking and avoids splitting during boiling. Ideal gift choice for your family and friends. Purchase our vacuum sealer today to keep your food fresh.
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