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Submersible Remote Controlled Multicolored Pool & Outdoor Lights | 1pc

Submersible Remote Controlled Multicolored Pool & Outdoor Lights | 1pc

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Welcome to the water light show
Bring dark swimming pools, ponds, and fountains to life at night with our beautiful Remote LED Pool Lights. Illuminate the night and brighten up outside walkways, center courts, and backyards with this easy-to-use in pool lights to create a homely, inviting environment.

16 colors. Four lighting modes.
Light up the night with in pool lights that encompass a rainbow spectrum of different hues of red, green, and blue (plus white). Create your mood and feel with flash, strobe, fade, and smooth light-up in pool lighting settings.

Versatile design for any space
Our Remote LED Pool Lights feature a watertight design with a silicone O-ring to ensure no leaks into the in pool lights battery housing. Powered by three AAA batteries each (not included), our in pool lights will stay safe while submerged in any water. Each in pool lights measures 1.1in x 2.7in (2.8cm x 7cm), making it sleek enough to fit in not only swimming pools and fountains, but bathtubs, fish tanks, ponds, hot tubs, and more.

One simple controller
Each Remote LED Pool Lights comes with one controller that can power up, change light colors, and switch light modes. You can also increase and decrease in pool lights brightness for a custom water show or mood-boosting however you please. Note: Remote LED Pool Lights includes 1 controller and 1 lamp.

Light-up indicator
When batteries run low on a in pool lights lamp, a red light will illuminate letting you know.

Maximize your “wow”
We recommend not exceeding water depth of 2m (6.6ft) for the best light visibility. This way, you’ll get the best use out of these in pool lights.

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