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Soothing Plug-In Self-Heating Knee Brace

Soothing Plug-In Self-Heating Knee Brace

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The Best Way To Get Rid Of Knee Pain

As this brace wraps comfortably around your knee, it uses heat therapy to relieve pain resulting from injuries, weak joints, or muscle soreness. It provides even surface heating and deep penetration and improves blood circulation by using a new generation of graphene heating film circulation, relieves tension, and alleviating pain. Remove your pain instantly and feel relief!

Perfect for Arthritis Pain Rheumatism Varicose Veins Joint Pain

Hot Therapy Compress to Warm Joint Relief Pain of Knee Stiff, Arthritis, Strains, Fits Knee Calf Leg Arm

Get immediate relief from knee pain with our Heated Knee Brace. Wrapped around your knee, the brace uses heat therapy to relieve pain from injuries, weak joints, and muscle soreness. It is easy to use and provides pain relief almost immediately.

The Hot Therapy Compress to Warm JointsRelief Knee Pain, Arthritis, Strains, Fits Leg Calf Arm Knee Calf

Our Knee Braces provide you with the support you need so you can get back to doing what you love! It provides extra support to your knee and promotes muscle recovery.

How To Get Rid Of Knee Pain


Knee Pain: Reduce muscular aches and joint pains from overexertion, strains, and sprains, as well as from arthritis, meniscus, osteoarthritis, bursitis, ACL, PCL, and MCL tears.

Multi-functional: Although designed to wrap around knees, it can be used on ankles, calves, thighs, shoulders, lower back, or areas on your body that need heat therapy.

Cold Therapy: Switch from hot to cold therapy by using the built-in mesh bag and an ice pack.

Feel Extreme Comfort: There is no need to hold it, as the two bifurcate straps conveniently wrap around your leg or arm for heat compression.

Portable: You can use any charger through the included USB cable. It can also be connected to your car's 5V lighter outlet for on-the-go treatment.

Quick heating: Provides ultra-comfy heat therapy for knee arthritis pain relief and injury recovery within seconds.

Can I Use A Heating Pad With Knee Brace


1-Button Control and 3-Heat Settings: It is easy to operate so you can control the heating temp and time. The power button with an LED indicator can be operated to red-highest, white-medium, blue-lowest temp settings. Short press the button once can change the heating setting.

3-Compact Size and Comes with Long Power Cord: The power cord is about
6.6 feet (2 meters), long enough to allow you to move freely when connecting it to a socket. Fits a leg or arm circumference of fewer than 21 inches.

3 Heat Levels: Click the power button to switch between 3 different gears: the first gear (red light), the second gear (white light), and the third gear (blue light).

Therapeutic Electric Heating Pad With Rechargable


  • Make sure that the temperature is never uncomfortably high; you don't want to put your skin at risk for burns.
  • Don't apply heat to skin that is cut or injured in any way.
  • Don't apply heat for longer than 20 minutes at a time.
  • Application: Body
  • Standard Voltage: 220VPlug
  • Type: Braces &
  • Supports Charge: With USB Cable
  • Product: Heating Knee Pads
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