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Smart Jump Rope Fitness System

Smart Jump Rope Fitness System

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Jump rope is a proven fat burning exercise and a great workout. But not all jump ropes are made the same.

How Many Calories Does Jumping Rope Burn

The Smart Auto Counter Skipping Rope from TMT will be the perfect addition to any serious workout routine. It’s like a jump rope from the future! Its length is fully adjustable and it has soft silicone grips on each handle. The best feature it has is that it keeps track of your jumps, making it perfect for record keeping and goal setting. Skip your way to fat burning and weight loss with this jump rope!

How To Jump Rope


Electric Counting: The jump rope keeps track of how many jumps you make. This allows you to concentrate on your form and keep track of each session.

Height Adjustable: Adjust the length of the rope at the buckle. Anyone can use this jump rope, not matter how tall or short they are!

Silicone Grips: The grips to hold the jump rope are made from a high-grade silicone. This ensures comfort and no slipping, no matter how intense your workout gets!

Is Jump Rope Good Cardio


Goal Setting: Set personal goals after each jump rope session or track your progress with accurate readings from this device.

Weight Loss + Fat Burning: Jump rope is a simple and fun exercise that has been proven to burn body fat. You’ll lose body weight over time also.

Full Body Workout: Your arms, core and legs are all active when using a jump rope. It’s a great full body workout!

How Many Calories Does Jump Rope Burn
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