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Professional Paintbrush Stand | 67 Slots | Wall or Self Standing

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This paintbrush holder/rack is great for keeping all of your brushes and other implements at hand and organized!

Made from 1/4" maple plywood, works with make-up supplies, hobby & crafting tools, paintbrushes, and more!

This item comes in a flat pack and requires assembly with wood glue before it can be used. Wood Glue, wall mount screws and brushes are not supplied.

This product can have a slight burnt smell, its part of the laser process and it fades away quickly with time.

MEASUREMENTS: 11" Long x 4" Tall x 3" Wide
Total of 67 holes
Breakdown of hole sizes:
• Qty 6: 17mm holes
• Qty 7: 14mm holes
• Qty 18: 10mm holes
• Qty 18: 8mm holes
• Qty 18: 5.5mm holes