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Pro Inflatable Swimming and Diving Floater / Buoy / Safety Bag

Pro Inflatable Swimming and Diving Floater / Buoy / Safety Bag

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Safety is a key priority in any activity, and any pastime connected with water should be made as safe as possible.

Fortunately, there is a wide variety of accessories that are specifically designed to make your experience safer and thus more enjoyable. This multifunctional buoy is the perfect example of such an accessory. It’s well-thought and specifically constructed to ensure your safety and overall convenience. This floating waterproof backpack is perfect for any purpose. It can serve you on the beach, during a camping trip, or on any other occasion that you might think of. 


The unique design makes this versatile option great both as a swim buoy as well as a storage backpack. It’s available in two sizes (28 L volume and 35 L volume).

This double airbag boasts a variety of unique features, the most prominent of which are the following:

  • The Buoyancy  is available in two sizes and has a lightweight and compact design. It’s easily foldable, so it’s portable and can fit into a small packaging. It’s perfect to put into an everyday bag due to its small size (37-41 cm when folded) and weight (600 to 740 g);

  • It’s perfect for a variety of occasions. The buoy features a bright fluorescent orange color which is easy to see from afar. Take the buoy with you when heading to the beach as well as when you’re going to do water sports like rafting, kayaking, and more;

  • This option boasts a convenient backpack design for your comfort and is easy to use when necessary. It has a large storage capacity (28 L or 35 L), allowing you to store your clothes and other necessities. This option will keep them dry and intact even if submerged in water. Plus, the shoulder strap can be switched as a belt; 

  • The airbag boasts a dual design for extra reliability. In case one of the bags leaks, the second one can still maintain buoyancy and provide safety;

  • This option is perfect to use for resting when you are tired as it boasts a perfect level of buoyancy;

  • The buoy also features two lockable and fast inflating air nozzles.



This airbag boasts a safe and durable design, making it a perfect accessory for a wide variety of activities. Its ​​IPX6 waterproof rating makes this buoy a good solution for multiple occasions. The airbag is made of high-quality durable materials ensuring its long-lasting functioning, so don’t waste time and be sure to consider this swimming buoy straight away.



28L (tile 37*68CM), buoyancy 12KG
35L (tiled 41*72CM), buoyancy 15KG
Weight: 28L is about 600 grams, 35L is about 740 grams
Fabric: 0.35MM 210T nylon paste PVC+0.35MM PVC film,
Waterproof rating: IPX6
Product color: fluorescent orange
Product accessories: 2.5CM wide belt (shoulder strap) *2, the longest is 130CM



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