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Pilates & Yoga Bar kit

Pilates & Yoga Bar kit

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  • Want to shape your body easily at home or work?
  • Would you like a beautiful muscle line and a butterfly shoulder?
  • Want a simple tool to work your whole body?


The multi-functional Pilates stick can be used for a variety of exercises. Its functions are similar to those of a barbell, a pull rope, a tensioner, a twister, and other fitness equipment. This makes it a "movable gym". In addition to exercising muscles, Pilates bars can also improve flexibility.


The Pilates bar will meet all your needs. The materials and quality are top-notch.
It's made of sturdy steel, covered with sweat-absorbing foam pads, non-slip and comfortable, with 2 power cord resistance bands and 2-foot loops.

  • Muscle Building
  • Weight loss
  • Heart Exercise
  • Strengthen your arms, stomach, legs, and gluteal muscles



  • Durable, comfortable, wear-resistant, and non-slip handle, Absorbent, and suitable for your hands.
  • Quick connection/disconnection, easy to carry.


  • Multi-purpose: suitable for yoga stretching, resistance band exercise, low impact to prevent injury.
  • Provides assistance with exercises like squats, curls, stretching, hip bridges, rowing, and so on.
  • Portable and lightweight - Ideal for almost anywhere training. Suitable for use in a dance studio, at home, or wherever you are training.
  • Low impact prevents injury and is great for yoga stretching exercises.
  • Get a flat belly, lean muscles, a strong core, and a complete mind focus through every movement.
  • It can also be used to do barbell exercises at home, exercise back muscles, buttocks, and it is easy to store.
  • Material: TPE + EVA
  • Color: Purple / Pink

Package Included
  • 1 X Pilates Bar Stick with Resistance Band
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