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Shower-Safe Phone Holder

Shower-Safe Phone Holder

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Enjoy your favorite movies in the shower!

Have you ever wanted to relax and watch a good movie while taking a bath? Or maybe you're constantly on the phone and need to be ready 24/7 to answer urgent messages or calls? The cell phone accessory you need is this smartphone holder for the shower. With a holder like this, you won't have to lean your phone against the corner of the sink anymore, where it's been dropped several times.

With this waterproof shower phone holder, you can now use your phone while in the shower. You can easily adjust the volume, play games, make calls or do whatever you want, all in the shower!


The Wall Mount Shower Phone Holder is a smartphone case specifically designed to let you use your phone even in the shower. Inside is a silicone sealing ring that prevents water from entering your phone. The touchscreen allows you to operate the device and is fog-free.


  • 100% WATERPROOF PROTECTION: Whether it's a splash, a spill or a full immersion, the Wall Mount Shower Phone Holder provides reliable seal protection. It repels even the smallest water vapor and prevents it from penetrating the phone's components. At the same time, it does not affect the sound.

  • SENSITIVE TOUCHSCREEN: The flexible 0.25-mm touchscreen allows you to freely use your phone in the shower, adjust the volume, change tracks, play games or scroll through messages.

  • COMFORTABLE VIEW AND FOG-FREE WINDOWS: Flexible with a 360° rotation, you can turn the phone holder to any angle you want. It also features a high viewing window. Even if you shower with the hottest water, the resulting steam will not affect the clarity of the phone display!

  • EASY ADJUSTMENT: Just take off the strong adhesive and stick the mount to the wall, then stow your phone inside. Voila! You are now protected from water damage and can fully use your phone.

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