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Outdoor Wildlife Motion Monitoring Camera | 12MP with Infrared

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Monitor Wildlife & Intruding Pets

Now you can hunt like a pro with our new TRCAM! This camera can be mounted on trees, walls, and roofs for perfect hunting results. It has 12MP, HD, and infrared sensors for the all-day recording of your prey. Plus, it can be set up to take pictures automatically when it senses movement. 

How to Start the Camera?

1: Put the batteries into the camera correctly
2: Put the SD card into the camera ( 8-32G and class 10 ) put the switch to "on"
3: Then you can see the indicator light flash 1-2 times and go out
4: Put the SD card into the card reader and connect it to your computer, then check the photos on your computer

Please Note

  • AA batteries are not included
  • Memory card are not included