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Orthopedic Spine Alignment Cushion Set | Office | Car | Travel

Orthopedic Spine Alignment Cushion Set | Office | Car | Travel

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Full Length Spinal Support for Good Posture and Pain Relief

This ergonomically designed seat cushion and backrest provides maximum support and comfort while reducing pressure on the coccyx/tailbone and promoting healthy posture.

This set is designed to provide lower back pain & sciatica relief. Great for Office Use, Driving & Traveling - Supports recovery from lower back problems, herniated discs, tailbone injuries, sciatica and other spinal issues. Great for office, home, travel, car seat or wheelchair use.

The back cushion for the desk chair follows the anatomical contours of your spine, supporting your lumbar area, improves blood flow and relieves pressure on your back. Our back support cushions can be placed anywhere along the back of a car seat or office chair for neck, upper, middle, thoracic, lower back and spine pain relief.

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