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Orthopedic Leg & Knee Pillow for Side Sleepers | Memory Foam

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  •  Heart-shaped concave surface: Fits the curvature of the leg, decompression downhill design, easier.
  • Fitted leg heightened side wing design: fixed legs, not easy to slip off
  • The function of memory foam core: Heat dissipation and ventilation. (The arrangement of the memory foam cells can dissipate heat and ventilate, so that the temperature in the pillow can be evenly dispersed.)
  • Personal decompression. (Slow rebound memory foam, fits the neck area to avoid muscle pressure.)
  • If it feels soft to the touch. (Skin-friendly, soft, comfortable and sleepy.)
  • The zipper is smooth. (Easy to disassemble and wash, pulls smoothly, durable.)
  • Pure white jacquard fabric. (Soft, breathable, comfortable, skin-friendly, easy to clean.)
  • Soothing: Relieve local tension and promote blood circulation, portable and compact.
  • Comfort: The memory foam on top of the elastic foam base provides higher comfort.