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Nylon Support Brace for Running and Sprained Ankles

Nylon Support Brace for Running and Sprained Ankles

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Anti-sprain Running Breathable Sports Adjustable Foot Protector

Color: Black, Green or Orange
Material: Nylon
Weight: 0.22lb

- PROMOTES HEALTH - Our sprained ankle brace actually helps strengthen the foot, arch, and ankle and reduces any type of discomfort caused in the area. Best part of all, this sports ankle brace also prevents any further damage from occurring
- COMFORTABLE - When it comes to wearing an ankle brace for long periods of time, comfort is of utmost importance. Our sprained ankle support brace feels light on skin because it was created with high quality nylon.
- STYLISH - Along with proper health benefits, our sprained ankle support brace is super stylish and durable. It matches perfectly with any type of clothing or shoe style. 

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