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Mouse Trap Bucket Lid

Mouse Trap Bucket Lid

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Slide Bucket Lid Mouse Catcher Trap

Want to get rid of an annoying and unsanitary mouse infestation? Our bucket rat trap is meant to eliminate rat or mouse infestations without creating a mess like traditional mouse traps.

Our best rat trap is the most recent design and also the most effective trap available on the market today. All you need is a standard bucket where you can clip the lid, and you'll be ready to go once you've assembled the trap and placed the bait.

For placing the baits, you can place them starting from the ladder to the edge of the lid to have a successful trap. With this new way of catching mice, you and your family will be safe from diseases that come from dead rats.

Most importantly, this bucket rat trap ensures that no mouse will be able to escape, thanks to its one-way trap design. Unlike the glue or snap mousetrap that can only catch one mouse at a time, ours can capture dozens in one go.



CLEANER AND FASTER - You can simply release the mouse that you caught without having to go near its excrement. It is safer this way, avoiding direct contact with dirty mice that can possibly be a carrier of any disease.

EASY TO USE - Simply clip it into a standard bucket and use it to catch rats. No more dealing with single-use traps that are sometimes useless and unsanitary.

SAFE - Old-fashioned snap traps might hurt or injure your pets. Our humane design, non-toxic rat catcher can easily be placed anywhere and doesn't cause undue stress or harm to your cat or your family.



  • Size: X 12.0in / Y 2.67in
  • Ladder size: X 1.96in / Y 10in
  • Pest Type: Mouse, Rabbit, Rat   
  • Certification Required: No
  • Number in Pack: 1
  • Indoor/Outdoor: Indoor & Outdoor
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