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Mother Nature Indoor Planter | Hand-made

Mother Nature Indoor Planter | Hand-made

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These Peaceful Planter Pots are a perfect addition to any room!

They're an ideal size for succulents and other small houseplants and have a functioning drainage hole. 

1. Drainage hole: The product has drainage holes, which can drain excess water and protect the healthy growth of plant roots.
2. Firmness: The bottom of the product is designed to be stable and thick, and it is placed firmly, and it is not easy to tilt and damage items.
3. Stimulate creativity: Products can stimulate people's creativity and improve artistic accomplishment.
4. Large bottle mouth: The product has a large bottle mouth design, which can be suitable for all kinds of flower art, fashionable and beautiful.
5. Wide application: It can also be used for home office decoration, planting cute plants such as herbs, succulents or cacti in the head planter.
6. Mention: Hand-made craftsmanship, occasional spots, scratches, etc., belong to normal craftsmanship and will not affect good use and beautiful appearance, please understand.

This product is a home potted decoration with cute long eyelashes, which can be used for home office decorations, such as herbs, succulents or cacti.

Type: Flowerpot
Material: Resin
Height: 18cm
Width: 13cm
Craft: Handmade


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