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Mini Fitness Watch/Tracker/Bracelet | iOS & Android

Mini Fitness Watch/Tracker/Bracelet | iOS & Android

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  • Tracker Best Fitness Smartwatch is your best buddy for your busy and healthy lifestyle.
  • It is packed with monitoring features. Among the important ones are monitoring your calorie, heart rate, and blood pressure.
  • It is among the digital wristwatches that have 23cm length and 20mm width.
  • Perfect for iOS and Android phones.

Tracker Best Fitness Smartwatch

If sports and fitness is your top priority, you have to buy for yourself a smartwatch that will cover all your needs. When you live a healthy lifestyle, you definitely want to monitor all the health aspects of your body. Tracker Best Fitness Smartwatch is your best monitoring tool when it comes to living healthy. It suits iOS and Android phones.

First of all, this type of smartwatch is multi-functional. There are several smartwatches in the market that only caters android. But with this one, it caters iOS too. How cool is that?

Also, the functions are almost complete for your healthy and busy lifestyle. We will mention a rundown of those functions to give you the idea of how functional this smartwatch is for you.

Finally, it comes in various colors. You can pick which one you like the most. Among the colors are black, dark blue, purple, red and green.

It Is Multi-Functional

It monitors calorie, heart rate, and blood pressure. So, whenever you do your daily exercising routine, you can monitor them easily. Also, it has a pedometer, fitness goal setting and fitness information training. Another, it has a sleep monitoring feature. It tracks and analyzes your sleeping quality. So, you will know if you are having a good sleep every single day.

Finally, sedentary alert, time and alarm clock, Bluetooth function, battery level display and a data storage that can keep up to 7-day of your exercising data.

Anti-loss Feature

This one is very helpful for you to keep your phone safe. It will alert whenever your phone is out of range or exceeds the range on until what distance that is set for you.

Now, that’s a whole lot of feature in one smartwatch. Indeed, it is a smartwatch for you! Get yourself one now.

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