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NanoLeash | LED Modern Design Safety Dog Leash

NanoLeash | LED Modern Design Safety Dog Leash

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The hottest dog leash in the world!

  • BRIGHT LED TORCHLIGHT - Taking evening walks just got a little safer with the built-in 10 foot front illumination. The multicolor ring lights add more fun to the experience -- and let you can enjoy safe walks at night.
  • HANDS-FREE DESIGN - Catch it upon the wrist to free your hands, you can conveniently slide your hand through the ring and begin your journey hands-free!
  • HIGH-QUALITY BUNGEE - The woven bungee material and the built-in lock allow you to walk your dog close to you or further away up to 10 ft for more freedom. Don’t worry about your furry friend ripping the bungee apart as it’s durable and resilient enough to handle pups up to 35lb.
  • RELIABLE STOP BUTTON - As soon as the button is engaged, the leash securely halts all movements. Even if your pet charges forward, you always remain in control.


  • 35 lb max pet weight
  • 10 feet max length
  • 10 feet LED torch illumination distance
  • 3 Ambient ring lights colors
  • Up to 4 hours battery life
  • Built-in Lock button
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