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LasTape |Laser Tape Measure | Digital Read E-Tape

LasTape |Laser Tape Measure | Digital Read E-Tape

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  • Made with heavy-duty and construction grade material
  • Helps in irregular objects' accurate measuring
  • Works with 4 AAA batteries

Want to measure with complete accuracy? Get LasTape, an E tape to bring you correct numbers. Just pull the ruler out and check the values on screen. It gives you the most accurate stats on the tiny digital screen and helps get the right dimensions.  An infrared ray also pops out to measure values and dimensions from a distance, even in the dark. It helps you take measurements for all shapes such as round, square, flat, and even the human body.

What you will get:

  • One E-Tape for accurate measurements: It helps in accurate remote and near measurements.
  • Night Vision: You can work even during dark with LasTape.
  • 3-In-1 measuring modes: Roll mode, tape mode, laser mode
  • Multi-segment measurements: Comes with a pausing function so you can measure several segments at one time.
  • 3 buttons for different settings: Long or short pressing the 3 buttons allow you to perform different functions like saving data, switching the bases, etc.
  • M1-M9 data storage: Store measurements to note later.
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