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KittyWindmill | Spinning Interactive Cat Toy with Catnip Holders

KittyWindmill | Spinning Interactive Cat Toy with Catnip Holders

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  • Rotating toy with 2 removable balls
  • Balls hold LED bell + catnip
  • Central silicone rubbing brush
  • Suction cup attaches to any surface
  • Provides playtime + rubbing pleasure to the cats

Your pet feline fills the house with a cozy warmth when she uses her adorable meowing voice to catch your attention.

But, you being fully captivated by your final project shush her to let you work in peace. Awe, the poor kitty must be feeling sad and love deprived.


No worries! We have got your back (or hers :p).


Get this exciting windmill cat toy with 2 balls to make her happy and lively again.

Our unique rubbing and chewing tool is more like a spinning cat toy with a rotating windmill effect. Provide instant rubbing and playing pleasure to your feline owing to the 2 detachable balls and one central spiky attachment. 

The rotate windmill cat toy will also encourage your kitty cat to develop interactive skills.


What you will get:

  • Rotating silicone body: The windmill toy spins on a gentle push. Your pet cat would love to initiate and stop the rotation using his/her paws.

  • 2 Detachable balls: One includes an illuminating bell while the other one, catnip. Get your feline excited and relaxed at the same time.

  • Central grooming brush: The central part of the windmill cat toy includes a bristled brush with which the pet can brush his/her neck and head. 

  • Use for chewing: The central attachment can be covered in a wet treat or pet toothpaste so that the cat can enjoy chewing it.

  • Fix anywhere: The suction cup will stick to any dry and smooth surface. If you face any difficulty in attaching it, try wetting it a bit to remove air bubbles.

  • Interactive toy: Satisfy the natural hunting instincts of the cats and give them a toy to play with when you are not around. It improves their chasing and swatting abilities. The instructions to use are quite simple, the slight movement will cause the fan spin, making the cat reluctant to claw. 

  • Available colors: Choose from green and yellow for your male and female kitty cats.

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