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JellySol | Fiber Optic Outdoor Umbrella Fountain

JellySol | Fiber Optic Outdoor Umbrella Fountain

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Sparkle & Shine All Year Long

Some people say JellySol looks like a colorful jellyfish, others say it looks like a parasol. We think it looks like a fountain, but JellySolTain doesn't quite roll off the tongue. Whatever you do end up calling it, JellySol is unique way to add a splash of color to your outdoor spaces year-long in a spectacular way.

"These are my everyday lights!"

JellySol looks fantastic as part of winter holiday decor, but the fun doesn't have to end there. You wouldn't be blamed for keeping these up all year round. JellySol still looks great any time of the year, even in harsh sun and pelting rain thanks to its corrosion-resistant fiber-optic cables.


  • Fully solar-powered
  • Long battery life can keep it sparkling all night
  • Resistant to sun, dust, rain and snow
  • Switches to 7 different colors

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