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ICECube | Space Cooler/Portable Mini Air Conditioner

ICECube | Space Cooler/Portable Mini Air Conditioner

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Better Health

Unlike other systems that sap moisture from the air—dehydrating and aging skin and affecting overall wellbeing—ICECube™ is anti-fatigue and does the opposite. It contributes to your indoor comfort without any additives.


Energy Efficient

ICECube™ is “less, but better.” This humidifier, purifier, and cooler uses evaporative technology that allows you to create your personal microclimate with less energy, one gadget, smaller bills, a cleaner planet, and better health. 


No Noise

ICECube™ is ultraquiet so expect better rest and sweeter sleep for you and those around you. A soothing and perfect solution to keeping comfortable when sleeping near others, where one tends to feel hot, while the other, cold. 



A Cool 3-in-1

The sleek and modern ICECube™ is a versatile system that humidifies, purifies, and cools the air to deliver a fresh breeze in the same way nature does. It comes with a removable water tank and enhanced leakage-proof systems to create your preferred atmosphere in any room.


Effective and Easy to Use 

It’s the most effective evaporative cooling system in its class. ICECube™ presents a control wheel for easy navigation and precise adjustment, a removable tank for easy refilling, and  simple set up and ease of use—fill the tank, plug it in, press the button and enjoy fresh, cool air.


Safe and Eco-Friendly

ICECube™ delivers fresh breeze up to 45 sq. ft. and promotes better health for you and the planet. It features an innovative membrane that inhibits the growth of mold and bacteria, uses recyclable materials, low power consumption, and does not require freon or other toxic coolants, 


Cool and Quiet

ICECube™ is refreshing, relaxing, and near-silent at 25dB. It blows air through the pads, the water evaporates—lowering air temperature and saturating it with water. It reaches full power within 5-10 minutes and features a soothing full spectrum LED backlight on the side.


Portable and Convenient

ICECube™ makes it easy to create a comfortable environment whenever you want. It’s simple to use, Amazon Alexa compatible, and weighs 3lbs. This portable conditioner is so convenient, you can plug it into a wall socket or via USB into any computer or powerbank.

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