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Holographic Plate Gorilla Night Light | Acrylic | 7 Colors + Remote

Holographic Plate Gorilla Night Light | Acrylic | 7 Colors + Remote

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  • 3D LED illusion effect
  • Great decoration piece
  • LED technology
  • 7 colors that can be changed
  • Dual power sources (USB & batteries)
  • Life: 50,000 hours of light

Who is not impressed with optical illusion? This LED 3D Gorilla Lamp is a great representation of 3D illusion. The effect is generated by the LED Light panel and the 2D plastic sheet upon which a gorilla is crafted. Keep it on your bedside table or entertainment center and WOW your guests with it.

What you’ll get:

  • 3D Illusion effect: The shape of the gorilla is imprinted on the plastic sheet with the help of lines. When the LED panel is illuminated, it glows onto the figure and gives a 3D effect to it.
  • Mesmerizing art piece: The 3D illusion gorilla lamp can be switched between 7 colors which are red, cyan, pink, green, blue, yellow and white. It is a great decoration piece for your family members and guests to appreciate.
  • Dual power source: The lamp can either work on 3 AA batteries that go into the round base or an included USB cable.
  • Night light: This gorilla lamp is an ideal night light source that you can use during your gaming sessions or while reading novels at night.
  • Attractive gift: Present this light up gorilla to your family and friends and take their appreciation.
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