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Handmade Wooden Kinetic Sculpture | Gardens & Lawns

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  1. This windmill is made of high-quality wood, which is durable and has a strong visual experience.
  2. You will get a very beautiful dynamic wind sculpture and a good mood.
  3. The mixing of three different patterns during each rotation, half of which is a gradually smaller fan, while the other half is getting larger and larger.
  4. When it became clear, everything disappeared in an instant. The combination of changing rotational speed and this mode is amazing. This is a unique and magical windmill.
  5. Dynamic sculpture wall decoration is a gorgeous home decoration, which can be easily installed on any wall of any room to bring different scenery to your home.
  6. wooden powered wind spinner, a magnificent and charming moving wall sculpture driven by kinetic energy. After winding, the internal spring and gear work together.
  7. Each sculpture is a unique design made by hand according to the requirements.