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EZ-SinkInstaller | 8-in-1 Easy Faucet an Sink Installer

EZ-SinkInstaller | 8-in-1 Easy Faucet an Sink Installer

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This sink faucet wrench is a great addition to any toolbox, fastens and removes all kinds of plastic basin nuts and supply line nuts.

  • New design multi-function Faucet and Sink Installer Tools (Supply nuts/Shut off valves/Strainer Baskets/Supply Line Nut/Faucet Nuts) wrench.

  • 3 replaceable (2 heads have an inner diameter of 34mm & 40mm)Wrench heads. this wrench can also turn larger faucet nuts than any other comparable tool. Please check the model size of each nut accurately, make the right use.
  • Our 8-in-1 wrench is only available (1/2 "(DN15), 3/4" (DN20) hex nuts, and 4 and 6 point water pipe fittings. Not suitable for nuts and bolts of other sizes. Please be sure to check the model before purchasing. The internal dimensions of the wrench head are (From the inside out) & 2.3cm & 2.7cm.
  • MATERIAL: High-strength engineering plastic, non-slip texture, easy to release arm strength. NOTES! ! plastic can't replace the hardness of steel. It is recommended to use the appropriate force when working (maximum strength should not exceed 500 cattle).
  • The extra-long design allows you to turn hard-to-reach mounting nuts on faucets, sprayers, and ball valves. Also, damage to the chrome can be avoided when the valve is closed.
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