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Ergonomic Folding Reading Glasses | Unisex

Ergonomic Folding Reading Glasses | Unisex

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  • ♥Anti-blue Resin Lens:
    While the surface is coated, the substrate absorption technology is adopted, and the anti-blue light factor is added through the lens substrate itself to perform blue light absorption to make the anti-blue light effect better.

  • ♥Elaborate Design:
    Folding anti-blue reading glasses, crafted to make your personal style shine, make you look clearer at home, bed, office, or any place where you need to wear glasses!

  • ♥Metal Material Frame:
    Wear-resistant, light, no nasal pressure, comfortable to wear. Silicone nose pads, fit the bridge of the nose, are skin-friendly, not easy to slip off. The design of alloy temples is slender, flexible, and elastic, and the hinges are strong and do not pinch your face.

  • ♥Cleverly Folded:
    Folding is smaller than traditional glasses and will not affect normal use. Portable reading glasses are easy to wear without burden. The flexible temples are easy to fold and carry.
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