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Easy-Find LED Light Dog Collar | Multi Size

Easy-Find LED Light Dog Collar | Multi Size

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  • This dog collar light is a great pet accessory to make your dog more visible at night
  • The collar gives off a bright yet comfortable light that is not distracting to your dog
  • You can easily charge the collar for your dog’s next use by charging it through the USB cord
  • Material: Nylon/ Charging Time: 30 mins
  • Time Capacity: 2-3 hrs
  • Package Content:
    • 1 x Dog Collar Light Anti-Lost LED Collar
    • 1 x USB Cord

Dog Collar Light Anti-Lost LED Collar

Dogs can be very hyper and playful especially when they are in the mood to play. That is why it can be difficult to keep an eye on them all the time. We can only hope that they don’t run away too far when they play. Consequently, there is always that one time where our dog got lost so you have to look for them. It can be very worrying when this happens. We don’t want anything bad from happening to our pets. So, in times of trouble, make sure that you can easily find your dog, get them this dog collar light so you can instantly see them when it is dark. More so, this is perfect for those who love to take their dog out for a walk during the night or early dawn. Get one for your dog now.

Bright Fiber Light

This collar emits a bright light that allows you to see your dog even in the dark. More importantly, it is not bright enough to distract your dog. When the light is too bright, it only might make it hard for your dog to see. Good thing this dog light collar gives off a comfortable light for your pet. More so, this collar uses luminescent fiber for it to light up. This way, you will no longer lose your dog in that dark. Consequently, they can be safer when they wear this since they are more visible in the dark when wearing this collar.

USB Charging

Make sure that the light on this collar does not go off when you need it the most. Good thing you can easily charge the collar through a USB cord. This makes it easier for you to charge the collar for your dog’s next use.

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