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DumpDumper | Long Handled Dog Pooper Scooper | 24"

DumpDumper | Long Handled Dog Pooper Scooper | 24"

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  • Made of sturdy ABS material
  • Comes with 24 inches long handle, makes poop picking less yucky
  • Lightweight and foldable for convenient carriage and use
  • Jaw Claw Rake design for cleaned picking

Save your back as well as your grass with the DumpDumper

The most convenient and efficient solution for bag-free pick-up, this pooper scooper is great for keeping your backyard free of those smelly landmines. 

High quality, thick plastic ensures a durable and quality product. It’s been carefully designed to protect the grass during use-only grabs what you’re really after! This long handle dog pooper scooper is perfectly sized to reach the ground with ease, so you never have to bend over.


  • Easy & efficient to use: Lightweight and foldable, convenient to carry while walking the dog. Its jaw claw rake makes picking up poop easy from all surfaces with minimal effort.

  • Long handle: This pet pooper is approximately 24 inch long which reduces bending, leaning and back strain in order to pick the poop. With minimal effort you’ll be able to clean the smelly bombs from your backyard or from your daily pet walk route. 

  • Avoid yucky situations: No matter how much you love your pet, picking up their poop is a yucky situation which you want to stay away from as far as possible. This long handled pooper scooper for dogs and any other pets is ideal to create distance between you and the poop. 

  • Ideal gift choice: Surprise your loved ones with pets with this ingenious poop picker that solves more than one problem for them.

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