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DIY Make-Your-Own Kaleidoscope Kit | Wooden

DIY Make-Your-Own Kaleidoscope Kit | Wooden

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It's simple, it's wonderful, and kids can make it themselves!

Our kaleidoscope in action

After all, you can fill this kaleidoscope with anything.

Kids can fill it with flowers, shells, beads, even small figurines and building blocks. The possibilities are endless, and the patterns they'll make are sure to inspire curiosity in budding minds.

When you have a nice walk in nature, you can put in the lid the flowers, colorful leaves, anything -- turning the beauty of nature into something even more extraordinary.

As the kaleidoscope fills, kids can create more and more new patterns.

And the assembly process will help kids understand how kaleidoscopes work!

The lid of the kaleidoscope is held on magnets, which makes it easy to change the filling. Assembly is done without glue.

Our toys meet all international toy safety standards. We wish all the little ones in the world can have wonderful childhoods, ones that warm them even after they grow up.

Material: Wood, acrylic

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