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Chainsaw Sharpener | Grinding Stone/Jig for Chains

Chainsaw Sharpener | Grinding Stone/Jig for Chains

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Use this chain saw chain grinding fixture to make your chainsaw as sharp as new, saving you time and money!

It is as easy to use as a pencil sharpener; just set the clamp to the rod, position the pawl on the tooth, insert the burr into the guide sleeve, and turn the handle.

Every time you grind a tooth, you only need to pull the chain. The precise sharpening ensures that every tooth is razor sharp!

The pawl acts as a stop to ensure accurate and repeatable tooth positioning.
Includes a standard 30° sharpened front angle, an anodized aluminum fixture with a detachable crank and a set of guide bushings. This sharpening jig can be used for practically any chainsaw.

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