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Bee a Bee Women's Sunglasses | UV400 | Retro Round Framed

Bee a Bee Women's Sunglasses | UV400 | Retro Round Framed

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  • Fashionable sunglasses to protect your eyes from the sun’s rays
  • A must-have for your beach trip
  • Lenses: Height- 47mm / Width- 54mm
  • Lenses Material: Polyurethane / Frame Material: Plastic

Ladies Sunglasses Fashionable Wear

This pair of fashionable ladies sunglasses are perfect for your summer wear. If you have plans for a road trip or beach getaway, you should buy these sunglasses. Moreover, these have very simple and plain designs. This means that you can wear them together with any outfit. The colors are also very basic. Thus, you can also wear them anywhere and anytime.

Great Sunglasses for Daily Wear

If you commute or walk to your office, it is great to wear these glasses. We may not notice it but the sun’s rays are actually harmful to our eyes. Therefore, it will be great to wear glasses to protect your eyes. For those with sensitive eyes, it will also be helpful if you wear glasses even during your daily commute. It helps you to see things clearer, especially the signs. You no longer have to squint your eyes when you try to read something.

The Best Beach Accessory

These glasses are also perfect if you plan to go to the beach. You need these glasses not only for fashion but also for comfort. Spending a day at the beach exposes you under the direct heat of the sun. This is especially true when you want to get a few shades darker and bask in the sun. You can wear these while you are getting your tan. You can lie in the sun while wearing it. Make sure that the shape of the glasses will not leave any mark on your face.

A Good Gift for Your Girlfriend

If you have a girlfriend who loves taking trips, you can surprise her with these glasses. She can wear them anywhere she likes. Moreover, you can also write a note to express how much you appreciate her. She will definitely like these kinds of surprises.

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