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ArcLamp | Rainbow Projecting Night Light & Lamp

ArcLamp | Rainbow Projecting Night Light & Lamp

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Finally, it's a holiday today. 

After so long, you manage to take some time out of your tough schedule to spend with your kids. You decided to go to a nearby park for a family picnic but guess what, it started to rain as soon as you got out.

And, now your mood is ruined because your kids are acting gloomy because of no outdoor fun.

Thinking of how to make them happy at home, you suddenly notice their faces going Woah. Then, following the sight of their eyes, you can't help but be fascinated with the beautiful and bright rainbow in the sky. Truly, there are only a few things in this life that are more magical than a rainbow.

And, that’s why we are here with this rainbow lamp that has a very unique way of lighting up its surroundings! It brings joy and cheer to the environment no matter where it's placed.

Why should you have the exclusive lighting in your house?

  • Our Magic Lamp makes a colorful addition to any room
  • Whether you're buying it for yourself or as a gift for a friend or little one, this mesmerizing lamp is sure to captivate and delight its owner
  • With its LEDs, the glow this magic light lamp emits is soft and ambient, perfect to put your kids to sleep or calm your foul mood

You'll feel as though you're living in a fairy tale and after all, who doesn't want to experience a little bit of magic and inspiration in their everyday life?

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