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Anti-Mosquito Killing Lamp

Anti-Mosquito Killing Lamp

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  • Attracts and kills mosquito and other flying insects quietly and effectively
  • Gives off a warm light that is not harsh enough to disturb you while you sleep
  • Safe to use and is hygienic since it keeps all the dead mosquitos inside the mesh box
  • Cover Material: ABS/ Plug: USB/ Voltage: 5V or  1A/ Watts:5W/Applicable Area: 20-60 square meters
  • Size: 19cm x 13cm/ Wireline:110cm/Lifespan: 50000hours/ Certification: CE
  • Area:20-40 Square meter/Suggested using height: 0.8-1.2m/ Power Source: DC

Anti Mosquito Insect Killer Lamp

Make your home free from disease-carrying insects like mosquitos. Use this anti-mosquito insect killer lamp to kill these insects staying in your home. Around the world, many people of all ages suffer from diseases like malaria and dengue. Many die from these diseases each year and outbreaks happen once in a while in certain areas. Mosquitos breed during wet seasons and hatch their eggs on stagnant water. During the rainy season, many puddles and stagnant water forms. Then they become a nesting ground for the mosquitos. The children are most vulnerable to getting mosquito bites. That they are more prone to catching the disease. It is also because children have a weaker immune system in comparison to adults. This makes old people vulnerable to it as well. Keep your family safe by making sure that your home is mosquito-free.

Simple and Effective Function

Some flying insects are attracted to the light. This anti-mosquito insect killer lamp gives off this soft warm light that attracts the insects towards it. Then, the lamp zaps and kills the insects that are around it and effectively. The light is also dim enough to use it during night time. Mosquitos are very active during night time. So, when it is time to sleep, the lamp will protect you when you sleep. It does not give off harsh light that can disturb your sleep. With this, you can have deep and comfortable sleep without mosquitos biting you.

Safe and Hygienic

The lamp does not use any harmful chemicals or toxic radiation. So, you and your family could use it without worry. Unlike other mosquito killers that leave the dead mosquitos on the floor. This killer lamp keeps all the dead mosquitos inside the mesh box. That way, you can remove and clean it.

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