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Anti-Glare Windshield Mirror | Large and Foldable

Anti-Glare Windshield Mirror | Large and Foldable

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In the daytime, let’s not talk about the scientific factors of the building screen effect. The ruthless sunlight and strong ultraviolet rays alone are enough to hinder your driving. The dazzling lights at night, whether it is the headlights or the taillights, are for warning. The front and rear driving drivers have very strong lights, which has a negative impact. The skin is easily damaged by ultraviolet light, but the eyes are much lucky. With the invention of this day and night mirror, the damage caused by the glare of the sun is reduced, and more Ensure your driving safety; the dazzling sunlight is protected by sunglasses, and night vision goggles can be used to block the dazzling lights at night. Safe driving is inseparable from day and night goggles!


1. Special anti-glare function, the glare blocking rate is about 72.5%.

2. The center wavelength is 585, and the clarity is more than 2 times that of traditional lenses.

3. Anti-ultraviolet rays: 97.4% isolation (315nn-380nn) of ultraviolet rays.

4. Anti-fatigue: Eliminate eye fatigue caused by harmful light.

5. Impact resistance: 10 times stronger than ordinary safety resin sheets and 60 times stronger than glass sheets, effectively solving the problem of poor impact resistance of traditional driver mirror lenses.


1. Do not touch the mirror surface directly with your hands, so as not to leave fingerprints obstructing the view.

2. When installing, please grasp the bracket part, gently push the edge of the lens with your hand, and then push up the card holder switch with your thumb, manually pull the push-type telescopic plate, and place it directly on the CD plate, then push the telescopic plate to tighten and flip Just adjust the lens,

3. Please wipe the lens surface gently with a soft towel for dust on the lens.

Package Included:

1*Anti-glare mirror

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