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Adjustable Anti-Slip Laptop Cooling Pad

Adjustable Anti-Slip Laptop Cooling Pad

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Cool as can be!
Built-in laptop ventilation systems are not good enough. Laptops get dusty, and even cleaned, constant heavy use or gaming still make laptops heat up constantly. It's time to turn to the Laptop Cooling Pad.

Inspired by nature
Pollinators like bees instinctively understand and use proper ventilation to keep themselves cool. The Laptop Cooling Pad has a combed texture, circulating air more effectively, and providing a cooling pad for laptops. The 4 working fans help air flow and cool every part of the laptop.

4 different adjustments
Find the best one angle. The Laptop Cooling Pad has 4 variants of angle adjustments, so you can find the most comfortable position there is.

Easy to clean
Take the net part off, and clean the fans anytime you want. Brush them, vacuum them, or remove dust by hand. So simple!

Produced responsibly
FCC, CE, and RoHS approved certifications on the Laptop Cooling Pad for user safety and environmental friendliness.

Be ready for new achievements
Have your laptop always ready for new tasks and long working hours. Protect it from overheating and paying wild bills from the computer service companies. A VERY cool Laptop Cooling Pad.

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