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Backdrop Chair-Mounted Green Screen | 56" / 142cm | Foldable & Portable

Backdrop Chair-Mounted Green Screen | 56" / 142cm | Foldable & Portable

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The Must-Have Green Screen for Video Calls, Video Creation, Online Tutoring & More.

Elevate your brand and create more interesting backgrounds

Record like a pro with your very own portable green screen. More and more people are working remotely today.  Internet content creators, online tutors, video creators, bloggers, remote workers, YouTubers, and gamers can all benefit from using this durable green screen to create an air of professionalism to live or taped videos.

It is s easy to use—even a beginner can set this green screen up and start recording in minutes! Take it to a studio or use in your home. Regardless of where it is used, you will get endless uses and great value for your small investment. So, why not kick your videos up a notch by acquiring this invaluable green screen to use on your next Zoom call, photo shoot, web presentation,  or video recording?  Your viewers will notice the difference.


  • Flat mounted screen easily installs on a standard or gaming chair
  • Enables you to change backgrounds or add a logo or title to your content

Material: Durable metal frame sewn on the fabric. The sides are lined with steel springs to improve structural strength. The color of the actual item may be slightly different from the color you see on the device screen.
Application: This Green screen is great for adding professionalism to your videos. Add different backgrounds that are more exciting than your living room.
Perfect for gamers, online streamers, YouTubers, telemarketers, and other video content creators. 
How it works:
  1. Slightly twist the spring to turn on the screen
  2. Put the green screen on the back of the chair and use an elastic belt to fix it on the back
  3. Use the green screen to launch any software that supports background changes (try the “zoom” app, it’s free!)
  4. Make sure that your webcam background covers all areas behind you for best results
  5. After finishing recording or streaming, please remove the green screen from the chair, fold it easily by torsion spring, and then slide it back into the bag for storage or transportation.

Green screen size:
Color:  Green 
Sizes: 56in*56in (142*142cm)

What's Included:
1x Collapsible Backdrop
1x Carrying Bag
1x Manual
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