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40ft Ultimate Strength Training Rope | Arms | Abs | Shoulders | Legs | Group Fitness

40ft Ultimate Strength Training Rope | Arms | Abs | Shoulders | Legs | Group Fitness

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Quite often exercise products that are simple and inexpensive give you the best results. Add this product to that list!

How To Use Battle Ropes

The Battle Power Rope is a fitness rope that will be sure to give even the fittest athlete a run for their money. It builds muscle, improves balance and you can use it pretty much anywhere. Just anchor it and ride the wave! This training rope is great for crossfit enthusiasts, but will make a great addition to any person’s exercise routine. It’s almost indestructible in design and the ends are coated in gripping material, so they won’t slip even when you sweat.

What Do Battle Ropes Work


Protective Sleeve: The Battle Power Rope comes with a protective sleeve for when it is anchored to another apparatus. This prevents the Battle Power Rope from abrasion and fraying, making it wear-resistant.

Coated Handles: Gripping the rope is made easier as each end is coated in a high-quality non-slip material. They won’t slip from your hands when you sweat!

Thick Polyester Construction: The Battle Power Rope is made from durable and wear resistant polyester. Get thousands of hours of training in with this durable piece of exercise equipment.


Work Out Anywhere: All you need is a place to loop or anchor the rope and you can exercise with the Battle Power Rope. Get out of the gym or house and train outdoors!

Build Muscle: The Battle Rope provides a real workout! You’ll build muscle with this rope added to your routine, especially in your arms, shoulders and chest.

Improve Balance: An important aspect of using the Battle Rope in your exercise routine is that it improves balance through rhythm. Your whole body benefits as a result.

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