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4-In-1 Hand Immersion Blender

4-In-1 Hand Immersion Blender

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KOIOS smart Electric 4-in-1 Hand Immersion Blender with 12-Speed Stick

8-inch Blending Shaft - Smart “stick” design - 8" blending shaft with 304 stainless steel blades can be easily attached to the main body. The handy “stick” design is perfect for secure blending in a pot, bowl, and a pitcher. KOIOS Immersion Hand Blender delivers a mighty capability for dishes like velvety soups, thick mayonnaise, chunky pesto, smoothies, baby food, and more.

500ml Food Chopper - Instant Food Prep - Every KOIOS 800W hand blender is equipped with an attachable food chopper empowered by S-shape reversible blade. Whether it’s time to chop small items such as onion, garlic, chili pepper, baking ingredients such as nuts, crumbling biscuits, or more complex dishes such as pate or hummus, it is so easy to express your creativity with a 500ml food chopper.

Whisk Attachment - Helps you with Baking - Made of food-grade stainless steel. KOIOS 800W hand blender is built to be ultra-versatile so you may attach a whisk anytime to whip egg whites, creams, butter and etc. Your whisk attachment is your indispensable tool for flawless baking prep.

Creaming and whisking functions let you whip amazing delicious mousses, creamed mixtures, cheesecakes, meringues, and much more.

600ml Mixing Beaker - Easy Maintenance - Your hand blender also comes with a BPA-FREE 600ml mixing beaker for added convenience. The ergonomic and soft-grip handle brings ease of use, especially for those who have a loss of dexterity.

Warning Note:

1. Take care while making hot soups.

2. This hand blender is not intended for use by children. Blades are sharp.

3. The copper motor is not dishwasher safe.

4. Do not hold the "Power" or "Turbo" buttons longer than 1 minute.

5. Ensure the food is cut into small pieces before putting it into the bowl.

  • Ice-Crushing Cross Blade- Serve longer than other hand blenders
  • Noise:<65dB
  • Power:800W
  • Input Voltage:110-120V, 50Hz
  • Proudent Dimensions:9.9x5.5x9.9 inches
  • Item Weight: 2.8 pounds


Package Contains
  • 1 x Hand Blender;
  • 1 x Blending Shaft;
  • 1 x Whisk Attachment;
  • 1 x Food Chopper;
  • 1 x User Manual.
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