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3-Stage Easy Knife and Scissors Sharpener

3-Stage Easy Knife and Scissors Sharpener

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  • Suitable for 99% of kitchen knives. Efficient sharpening according to the thickness of the knife
  • Three modes & one scissors position
  • Anti-slip design. Pay attention to your kitchen safety
  • Use high-quality Cemented carbide. The useful life is 10 years or more

Why is the adjustable sharpener excellent?

  • Due to the adjustable angle, it is suitable for 99% of the tool characteristics. It will not wear the tool excessively
  • 4 modes. Can realize scissors & meat knife & kitchen knife & fruit knife. Separate sharpening is more hygienic

  • Higher efficiency & longer tool life
  • As is known to all, the material of a knife sharpener greatly determines its utility. Ordinary knife sharpeners are made of hard alloy. Instead, we developed new materials. The use of tungsten to enhance the durability of the knife sharpener, while achieving its metal ductility, not easy to damage the tool

Anti-slip design-safety has always been our top priority

Complete functions. Better than 99% of the sharpeners on the market

Please sharpen the knife as shown in the picture. It can greatly improve the life of the tool.

Gear grinding according to the thickness of the tool

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