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3 in 1 Round Cutter Vegetable Slicer

3 in 1 Round Cutter Vegetable Slicer

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HIGH-QUALITY KITCHEN TOOL: everything from body to blades is designed to last–made of outstanding BPA-free plastic and strong stainless steel for high food preparation.

EASY TO USE MECHANISM: Get perfectly ground food in just a few steps: place the machine on a flat surface, insert the blades, remove the plunger, insert the food, turn the crank handle, and voila!

COMPACT DESIGN: In comparison to other mechanically powered racks, ours is designed to save as much space as possible in your kitchen so that it can be conveniently tucked away while it is not in use.

EXTRA WIDE MOUTH: Whether you're shaving chocolate or small nuts, or grilling thin carrots, big potatoes, or large zucchini, the grater is ideally designed to fit almost anything.

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