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2-in-1 Snug Smartphone Clamp for Cars | Windshield and Vent Mounted

2-in-1 Snug Smartphone Clamp for Cars | Windshield and Vent Mounted

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  • Install this phone cradle to your car to hold your phone securely while you drive
  • This can extend its arm and can rotate in 360-degrees, the clamps that hold the phone is also stable
  • This has strong suction with a lock, you can also adjust the clamp manually or with the extend button
  • Material: ABS / Compatible Phone Size: 4.7-6.8in

Phone Cradle Car Smartphone Holder

If there is one thing that we can’t go without and brings with us anywhere, then it would be our phones. In this day and age, most people no longer use their phones for simply taking calls and text but for a lot of other things as well. Most people own smartphones nowadays that have plenty of features such as allowing you to access the internet. There are also a lot of useful applications that you can download on your smartphone. Now, even when driving, your phone can be very useful especially if you are traveling somewhere that you are unfamiliar with. With your smartphone, you can download and use a GPS device. To make it easier to view your phone while driving, what you need is this phone cradle. Now, you can easily view your phone screen without having to hold it when driving.

Stable with 360° Rotation

This phone cradle stand is very convenient to have in your car. Not only does this simply hold your phone while you are in your car but it does so conveniently as well. Consequently, This holder has an arm that you can stretch. Aside from that, the thing that holds the phone itself can rotate in 360-degrees. This way, you can easily position it to an angle that is the easiest for you whether you are on the driver or the passenger’s seat. More importantly, this holder is stable and will not shake or rotate itself and will securely retain its position.

Secure Base

This has a strong suction base that can attach to any surfaces in your car or somewhere else. It also has a lock feature on the base. By pushing the lock upwards, you can change its position and place the holder somewhere else. Moreover, you can press it down to lock the phone cradle to its current location. The lock that holds the phone has two ways of locking which are through auto-expand or manual locking. The auto-expand uses the expand button for you to adjust the width capability.

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