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1/8NPT Grease Gun Coupler Fitting | 10kPSI

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A Magical Coupler for All Grease Guns and Fittings
Proprietary Locking & Quick-Release Mechanism

This Grease Gun Coupler is Perfect For:

Locks on the Grease Fitting. No Leaks!

Innovative design enables quick release Coupler to firmly latch onto the grease fitting, enabling hands-free greasing. No more fighting and struggling with stuck-on couplers. If a fitting becomes pressurized, just depress the thumb lever and release the coupler. No more broken-off fittings. No spurts or splashes when disconnecting. The waste and the mess are gone! A clean work environment at all times! Your projects are done faster and look up to 10x more professionals.


Simply press the level to lock and release the grease coupler, it saves lots of time compared to the traditional coupler. The quick-connect coupler is obviously larger and longer than a traditional coupler, the super tight spot can be hard to maneuver, but retracted grease fittings are easier if 11/16" OD can fit in.

Why do Professionals Only Trust Us?

Over 86,000 construction journeymen and foremen around the praise our for the innovative, efficient design. The grease coupler is built with premium quality alloy steel, the single coupler weighs 100g, is much heavier, and is stronger than other grease couplers. Quality sealing gasket ensures no leak from the front or rear at extreme pressure like 12,000 PSI. 1/8 NPT fits all standard grease guns, mini grease guns, manual, pneumatic, electric, or any other types.

Grease Gun Coupler is So Easy to Use


Weight: 100g